The Role of the Chinese Diaspora

November 23, 2011









Confucius Institute for Business London Public Lecture

Date: 23 November 2011 LSE

Lord Wei gave a lecture in memory of Lord Michael Chan, the first ever ethnic Chinese member of the House of Lords, who passed away in 2006.

“We need young leaders whether they are mainland Chinese students or graduates here, or British Born Chinese, or others who have settled here to rise up and discover a sense of service to our community and Britain; those who truly understand what it is like to be a Chinese in this society and the pitfalls we face but who can potentially find good solutions to them. We want leaders who can help explain the issues to the problems we face and who can help discern potential solutions. With leaders in every field from politics to the media, sports and music, business to the arts, they can start to highlight the issues and challenges and bring about vital change to our community.”

Role of Chinese Diaspora 20111123 transcript

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