Global growth has been powered by and will continue to be boosted by Asia, particularly China and other parts of the region including increasingly South East Asia. Much of Britain and other Western countries future jobs and growth will come from engaging with the East by harnessing its investment and entering its markets. My focus in working with East Asia comprises three elements:

  • work within the Conservative Party to help engage ethnic East Asian voters and help them gain the voice, representation and participation that they need as Britain’s third largest minority group
  • work in Parliament through the All Party Parliamentary Group for East Asian Business which I Chair, the All Party Parliamentary China Group which I vice-Chair (special focus on Hong Kong), and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Trade and Investment of which I am a treasurer to promote better trade and political and cultural links between the UK and East Asia
  • work to encourage the next generation of East Asians and other diaspora to develop the leadership skills to play a greater role in public life, in society, and business, and in harnessing the resources that East Asians have globally and locally both financial and non-financial to address global and local problems today