Cities have historically been engines not only of wealth, but also of social and cultural reform and development. The 20th century saw the rise of nationalism and national and supra-national Organisations. I believe the 21st century belongs to cities, and by linking them together through technology, dialogue, and design, I believe we can promote growth and help Britain recover its historic role as a founder and protector of great cities at home and abroad. My activities in this area include:

  • working with and acting on behalf of different cities around the world to help them develop economically, socially, and culturally
  • working with local groups of leaders to help them collaboratively support their localities and cities in networks and Fora that can bring a spread of skills to bear on local issues, just as many city founders did in the past
  • working to cultivate the next generation of spaces in and between cities that can help create networks, growth opportunities, and social capital using the power of technology, great design, and hospitality