EU Internal Market Sub-Committee

Lords in session


The Sub-Committee scrutinises EU documents and policy on:

  • Employment affairs — including social security, pensions, working time and the posting of workers.
  • Transport —including railways, shipping, aviation and internal market rules on motor vehicles.
  • Internal Market — including the actual or expected effect on UK businesses.
  • Infrastructure —including transport and telecoms.
  • Research and innovation.
  • The digital single market.


The Sub-Committee members are:
Lord Whitty
Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint,
Lord Liddle,
Lord Mawson

Co-opted Members:
Lord Aberdare,
Lord Cotter,
Baroness Donaghy,
Lord Freeman,
Lord German,
Baroness Noakes,
Lord Rees of Ludlow,
Lord Wei

Details of the work of the Sub-Committee are here.
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