EU Internal Market Sub-Committee

Lords in session


The Sub-Committee scrutinises EU documents and policy on:

  • Employment affairs — including social security, pensions, working time and the posting of workers.
  • Transport —including railways, shipping, aviation and internal market rules on motor vehicles.
  • Internal Market — including the actual or expected effect on UK businesses.
  • Infrastructure —including transport and telecoms.
  • Research and innovation.
  • The digital single market.


The Sub-Committee members are:
Lord Whitty
Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint,
Lord Liddle,
Lord Mawson

Co-opted Members:
Lord Aberdare,
Lord Cotter,
Baroness Donaghy,
Lord Freeman,
Lord German,
Baroness Noakes,
Lord Rees of Ludlow,
Lord Wei  From June 2015 to June 2018

Details of the work of the Sub-Committee are here.
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