Political action and market-based means of change have a role to play, but often real lasting change for the better came about through networks of individuals who had a vision to improve society, address poverty, and tackle injustice. I’m passionate about and a student of social reform past and present, particularly the Victorians and their forebears. My activities in this area include:

  • work to establish training and research to help young, old, and diverse people, particularly from or interested in having entrepreneurial, financial, and business backgrounds to become active and effective social reformers finding and promoting scalable solutions for today’s social challenges
  • work to harness the power of faith based action, particularly from my own church faith community, to help develop ethnical business, community, and on the ground action solutions that work locally and which express compassion through local groups
  • work to promote philanthropy among corporate business owners, to share wealth through sharing ownership, both locally as well as through a number of organisations I am involved with, as one of the best means to tackle poverty